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This blog seeks bringing forth the core of humanity which is goodness, regardless of race, religion, or creed. "That which you give to others toward the improvement of society and the world around you; by its' very nature includes YOU! You will receive back ten-fold what you give." - Zen Wealth Organization. "Don't be evil." - Google

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Master Koans

This site seeks bringing forth the core of humanity which is goodness, regardless of race, religion, creed and any other individualistic close-minded belief.

How is this achieved?
Through wealth which alows people to: cure sufferings, disease and freedom to discover their true nature.

What is wealth?
Wealth and it's counterpart poverty are nothing more than concepts. They both have been created by us. It is the energies behind them that are of concern.

So you seek a balance between wealth and poverty, or how are all supposed to have wealth?
When all have discovered the true goodness of the nature/spirit within, wealth (and positive energies) will inevitably and fiercly be among us.

How are contributions utilized in ZWO?
All funds are directed toward advancement of humanity as a whole. Many will be brought before a large committee and wealth will be distributed proportionate and relative to one's own individual situational status. (or in certain situations; on a group level). Also a main focus of this organization is preservation of its' goals with increase and continue the growth/spread of wealth, it shall become self-sustaining. As a requisite a portion funds will be allocated to certain investments and interest bearing accounts.

This sounds like a futile pipe dream, it will not be attained any time soon!
Everything is a possibility. But the foundation has finally been built, whereas before it didn't exist.

You say this site is a creation of us? Please expound on this.
Wealth and goodness follows wealth and goodness, those who are aware of this nature and the forces behind wealth have been and will inherently continue shaping this site. There is no way around this.

By wealth do you specificly mean monetary funds?
We (humanity) have placed money as a part of wealth, it is a double edged sword; while it allows freedom and ability to cure sufferings, it can also do great harm if misused. But at the very core of 'correct' wealth is a true essence of peace and happiness.

What about people who lie, steal, rob and cheat?
Societies by their competitive nature have driven some to these means. If there is nothing left to steal, rob or cheat they will be of their better nature. Some may still be of a lesser nature, they shall possibly live together on islands, until their generations have evolved genetically (subject to change, there is still debate among you - the community.)

What about competitive and capitalist ways of life?
Capitalism is fine if done in the spirit of creativity and sharing. In fact capitalism is required for our society to achieve self-sustainment. Competitive tendencies will dwindle on their own accord.

I am very interested in becoming a member, how do I go about this?
By contributing you will be assigned a prefix status name and have a voice in the committee. They weight of your voice is determined by how much you have contributed. Certain people have obtained a better connection with wealth energies, and as such will be given more recognition. They deserve the recognition they have achieved and demonstrated.

Why have I not heard of this before?
It has existed for awhile but not exactly in this form. It has been brought here as a central gathering/organizing place of those which possess like knowledge.

-Kai of zen


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